3. planning
4. construction

Our team will meet with you and help you define your needs, regardless of the scope of your project. Once your needs and wishes are defined we will develop a broad strategy and budget for the project. When the concept and budget is defined we will proceed to the design phase. 

5. completion

The Fun Begins! This is the phase of the project where you see everything happening. All the planning, research and development that was happening is turning to fruition. If your project encompasses an existing structure, is a remodel or addition we will take all precautions to protect and preserve your remaining property during construction. Your project will be constructed by a team of professionals. You will have opportunity every week to meet onsite with the construction management team to discuss your project. Our team members consist of the finest craftsmen and trade partners available. All of us are committed to providing you with the finest quality workmanship. Wildwood Homes uses the best sources for materials and strive for a level of quality others can only hope to achieve. 

The design process will encompass all aspects of the project. During this stage of the project we will refine and itemize your design and establish the working budget. We will negotiate a contract and request a deposit for the design, engineering, plans, permits, and scheduling. Depending upon the complexity of the project we generally require 15% of the projected budget. 

Wildwood Homes

Your home is your space. it needs to reflect you
1. Pre-Design

After the tradesmen have finished their final punch lists and you have settled into your new space there is still one aspect of our commitment to you that is ongoing. In addition to our 5yr quality assurance warranty in and any product warranties Wildwood Homes LLC offers, free of charge, an annual inspection program and reports to you any findings that will ensure that your home continues to perform to our expectations.

2. Design

Once the design phase is started and we have established a detailed overview, we will proceed with the planning phase. Engineering calculations will be ordered and plans generated for permitting. You will receive copies of the plans for your personal use and review. At this time we will be planning out an area on the property for staging of materials and waste as well as parking for the tradesmen.